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From the beautiful imagination of theatrical set designers

Darling & Edge


comes a new restaurant

Hello Darling

Hello Darling is in equal parts

an intimate supper-club and a

minds-&-mouth open

cocktail bar

Serving a seasonal menu designed by Chef Phil Smith.

© Hanson Leatherby


© Hanson Leatherby


To Support..



Carbon Free Dining who plant a fruit a tree for every donation, offsetting the carbon footprint of the meal and helping to empower communities.

To work with..

Hackney Gelato

Proper gelato and sorbetto made by hand in small batches from their Hackney kitchen.


With two storeys to explore, 
Darling House
offers the opportunity to book one of our unique rooms for the evening with friends, or book out the Whole House for a house party.


With its secret immersive space, this fantastical home for your imagination has six rooms laid out like the most artistic and wonderful Waterloo flat. Seek out the opulent kitchen, seductive master bedroom, an enchanting library or a theatrical drawing room, to list but a few.


Will you find a lemon grove landing complete with cocktail cupboard and champagne hatch?

With thanks to our friends and supporters:

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