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For those who Keep their minds and mouths open

From the beautiful imagination of theatrical set designers

Darling & Edge


comes a new restaurant

Hello Darling

Hello Darling is in equal parts cocktail bar, resturant, house party, arts Venue, and decadent space. if you have an idea for somthing you would like to work with us on don't hesitate to get in touch 

Darling and Edge

© Hanson Leatherby


© Hanson Leatherby


To Support..



Carbon Free Dining who plant a fruit a tree for every donation, offsetting the carbon footprint of the meal and helping to empower communities.

To work with..

First Mile. who have a zero to land fill policy and help us keep our waste in check

We are proud to be a Queer and inclusive space of all identifying genders, sexualities and race. 

If you are interested in booking any of our long list of friends from creators to performers please get in touch 


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