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It's been a blast, thanks for all your support we will miss you all loads. 


1/2 price
 drinks on
24th & 25th

We will be hosting a live sale event selling of the whole god damn four floors. come and grab a cocktail and some bargains

Via our Tripadvisor

word of mouth

“From the decor to the eclectic mix of cocktails right through to the fabulous food by Masterchef ace Natalie Coleman, this place is truly a wonderful dining experience. Highly recommend.”


“Utterly delicious! All the food was exceptional. I didn’t see any food left by any diners. The staff were brilliant, very accommodating and seemed to be delighted to be there. 

A new restaurant which will be there for a while if they continue with such wonderful food.”


Stay in the loop for future updates and special treats

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